Wedding Ceremony

I uploaded the video of our wedding ceremony up to YouTube last night.  Here are they are: (YouTube restricts the length of uploads, so I split it into two seven minute clips)

Part 2:

Wedding Photographs

Not much to say on this post. I’m waiting for the photographer to send me the photographs from the wedding.  Angie did her job and then some– storing more than 800 images on her digital camera.  Hopefully I’ll be smiling decently in at least one of them 🙂

I don’t know exactly why, but I don’t smile very well, especially when someone tells me to smile for a picture.  Katherine can smile for three hours straight and looks great– she doesn’t know why I have such a hard time looking happy.

If anyone has digital pictures of the wedding they would like to share, send me a link to them on the “Contact Omar” page and I’ll post the link on this post.

Here are pictures my sister, Karen Lutfey, took during her trip to Colorado to be at my wedding.

The images seen during the slide show can be seen on my account or on my facebook page at

12862, 11561, 67, 2465, 762, -178, 938, 1292

What are these numbers– winning lottery numbers?  The numbers printed on the mysterious hatch on the television show “Lost”?  The combination to my luggage?

No, these were the table numbers at our wedding.  Instead of starting at 1 and ending at 8, we decided to make  our table numbers have multiple purposes.  In addition to telling people where to sit, each number represented an important milestone in our lives– measured in days.

Anyone who has been to a wedding with a buffet knows that you can’t just let everyone get up and start filling their plates all at once.  So I went around to tables and asked them what their table number meant.  It got a lot easier once the first table figured out to answer in the form of, “number of days since…”

Here are the answers:

12862:  Number of days since Omar was born.

11561:  Number of days since Katherine was born.

67:  Number of days we were officially married

2465:  Number of days Omar worked at UPS, or number of injury free days for Omar at UPS

762:  Number of days since we adopted our dog Maury.

-178:  Number of days until the baby is due.  (This got quite a few people’s attention.  Not everyone knew she is pregnant, so we figured this was as good of time as any to announce to everyone.)

938:  Number of days of safe driving for Omar at UPS.

1292:  Number of days since we met.

Some people were very fustrated by their numbers.  My UPS supervisor ended up having a bit of trouble getting the number of days of safe driving number, but it was a lot of fun to make fun of him with a microphone in a room full of people, many of whom were fellow UPS drivers.  His table ended up going to the buffet last, after giving him several big hints.

So when all was said and done, it was a fun activity to keep people occupied during the buffet down time.

Remote Controls Conserve Energy

Most electronic devices that use a remote control are constantly wasting energy “listening” for signals from the remote control, even when they are turned off.  The problem is magnified with home entertainment centers which use multiple devices, all of which are accessible with a remote control.  I’ve applied for a patent for a remote control holster which physically disconnects power to an entertainment system when not in use.  Picking up the remote restores power to the system.  Another variation on this concept is to incorporate a holster into portable electronics devices, such as iPod speakers, such that if the remote is in the holster the device will stop listening for signals from the remote.  I’m currently waiting for the patent to be approved, but more information on this idea can be found on my website at