Month: November 2010

    Words of Wisdom

    Sarah Palin was awarded the 2010 “Word of the Year” for typing “refudiate” in her Twitter feed.  Second place went to my cat for typing the the word “wefvpo;g” as he walked over my keyboard last week.  Also, Rich Hall from HBO’s Not Necessarily the News called and wants his Sniglet back.

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    UPS Baggage

    Ever wonder what a UPS driver takes with him in the truck each day?  I was cleaning out my duffel bag this weekend and I thought I would document everything I lug around all winter. Lunch Box Ice grippers (2 pairs) UPS hat Winter UPS hat (a.k.a. Elmer Fudd hat) Empty Gatorade bottle Tupperware first aid kit (Advil, Band-aids, and what not) iPod shuffle Breath mints Metholatum Dental floss Work gloves (2 pairs) Winter gloves Extra nuts and bolts (for use with winter cheater chains) Two 9/16 inch wrench (to get chains on and off) Leatherman Extra pens Safety glasses […]

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