Month: July 2012

    Worth every penny

    Years ago, Stephen Hawking bet a fellow scientist from the University of Michigan $100 that the Higgs Boson particle would never be discovered. In an interview with the BBC, Hawking said: “It seems I have just lost $100.” On Wednesday, scientists from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) announced the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle, controversially dubbed “the God particle.” “Mr. Hawking isn’t wrong very often,” said an individual who knows Stephen Hawking well but nonetheless would prefer to remain anonymous. “Just don’t fall for ‘the money is in my front trouser’s pocket– just reach in there and grab […]

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    Lance Armstrong Invitational

    Facing doping charges from the USADA, seven time winner of the Tour De France Lance Armstrong has been banned from competing in any future events until the matter is resolved.  Having recently retired from cycling, Armstrong recently won his second half triathlon in two weeks by breaking the course record by six minutes on the Kohala Coast in Hawaii. Armstrong vigorously denies the charges and claims the attack is an attempt to strip him of his Tour De France victories. To help show my support for Lance, I am formally inviting him to race with my team “The Busy Bees” at the Longmont Kinetics […]

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