Month: June 2013

    Kitchen Update

    I’ve been rambling on to a lot of people lately about our recent little kitchen face lift. Today I finished the last of the work that I’m going to be doing by caulking the back splash and installing the panel that goes behind the sink and dishwasher. Once the electrician gets back from vacation we will have the last two outlets in the back splash hooked up. He explained how I could do it myself, but he started going on about stuff like ground fault interrupt and which outlets are on which circuits. My eyes glazed over a bit because […]

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    Hertz So Good

    Notice to all Hertz rental offices in Northern California: After a complete¬†analysis¬†of our operation over the past decade, we have found a disturbing trend that has accounted for a disproportionate amount of revenue loss in the Northern California division. It appears that one organization has been responsible for a vast majority of our damage claims. They have rented cars from our locations and then have returned them in various states of disrepair. Some vehicles appear to have been repeatedly parallel parked in a tight spot. Others have been returned with after-market equipment which allows the vehicle to be operated via […]

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