Escher Lizards

Katherine and I finally finished our project to cover our walls with lizards.  After trying unsuccessfully with real ones, we decided to switch to outlining them with different colored paint.  Why go through all the trouble?  That’s a good question.  We live in a townhouse that is much longer than it is wide.  Our intention was to put up something on the walls to give our family room and kitchen area an appearance of depth.  That, and I’ve always wanted to have some sort of tribute to M.C. Escher in my house.

The first step was to measure out the area that would eventually be inside the frame and paint it the middle color.  Next we cut the trim pieces and put them on the wall with adhesive.  Once that was all dried we made a lizard template and painted in the lightest and darkest colors.  Finally, we painted the outlines of the lightest lizards to give them more contrast.  Oh yeah, and then finally finally I painted one in between the two frames just for fun.

I like how it looks, but if the whole project took about three times longer than I imagined.  But I think that is usually the case when considering a painting project.