Lance Armstrong Invitational

Facing doping charges from the USADA, seven time winner of the Tour De France Lance Armstrong has been banned from competing in any future events until the matter is resolved.  Having recently retired from cycling, Armstrong recently won his second half triathlon in two weeks by breaking the course record by six minutes on the Kohala Coast in Hawaii.

Armstrong vigorously denies the charges and claims the attack is an attempt to strip him of his Tour De France victories.

To help show my support for Lance, I am formally inviting him to race with my team “The Busy Bees” at the Longmont Kinetics race at Union Reservoir on July 21, 2012.  Since I’m sure you get invited to countless racing events, here is a short description of the event:  teams build crafts that are 100% human powered and cover a course that goes over land, water, and mud.  Decorating the craft and team members with a common theme is highly recommended.

Any reasonable will be made for your transportation, lodging, and meals.  The team craft contains several cutting edge technological advancements including retractable paddles and pontoons that can be raised and lowered on both water and land.  Wearing a bee outfit (provided) is not required but is highly recommended to increase style points for the team.

So Lance, if you are interested, please send me an email (found on the Contact Omar page) and we can make all the needed arrangements. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you!