Sleep Deprivation

I truly believe that any sleep deprivation study needs to use 10 month old children who wake up a random intervals in the middle of the night.  My second daughter, Samantha, is quite skilled at screaming at random intervals in the night for reasons completely unknown to me.

So I took her downstairs the other night to try and calm her down, but none of the usual tricks were doing me any good.  Eventually I just sat down with her on the recliner and turned on the television.  After randomly moving through channels we both dozed off in the chair.  When I woke up I had a bunch of strange thoughts in my head such as:

  • Drug cartels from south of the boarder are funding conservative super PACs to keep funding for the war on drugs
  • The Rosetta Stone company is actively suppressing Esperanto for their own finical gain.
  • Jimmy Carter, at night when he isn’t working on being an international peace ambassador, is a super hero whose only goal is to get the United States to convert to the metric system.

So I’m not really sure what channel I was watching when I fell asleep, but I highly suspect it was one of those crazy 24 news channels.  That, or I was watching the Colbert report commenting on these topics.  The last alternative is that I’m just strange enough to think of these things on my own.