The King of Kong

I found this little gem while browsing around the Netflix “Watch Instantly” section.  While a documentary about two grown men obsessing over the old school “Donkey Kong”  video game doesn’t sound very exciting, I got sucked into it the more I watched.  By the end Katherine and I were both sitting at my desk seeing who was going to win in the end.   Here is a teaser trailer on YouTube:

Unfortunately the entire movie isn’t available on the Internet for free, but anyone with a Netflix access can visit the following link to order it or choose the “watch instantly” option.

Netflix link to “The_King_of_Kong”

Side note: I’m a big fan of Netflix, but it really rubs me the wrong way that they built their viewer exclusively around Mircosoft’s Internet Explorer.  The first time I tried this feature I had to spend a half an hour getting updates for IE and Direct X before the first image appeared on my screen.  So I’m giving a Steven Colbert “wag of my finger” to Netflix for not using a cross-browser solution.