In The Beginning

In the beginning God created the mathematical universe and it was formless and void.

God said, “Let this be known as nothing.”

Then God said, “It is not right that this creation should be alone. I will make a companion suitable for him. Also, let this be known as everything.”

God saw that everything was good, and God separated everything from nothing. God called the nothing Zero, and the everything Infinity.

Then God said, “Let it be known that nothing is everything. And everything is nothing.” God called this equality.

God saw all that he had made, and indeed it was very good.

God blessed Zero and Infinity and said to them, “Rule over this garden landscape I have created. I have given you nothing, everything, and equality. This garden is complete and consistent, and I have given you enough for you to exist in harmony and peace for all eternity.”

God placed Zero and Infinity in the garden. “Of every object in the garden you may freely use, but of the tree of the One you shall not define, for in the day you use it you will no longer be well defined.”

Now the serpent in the garden said to Infinity, “Have you thought of taking from the tree of the One?”

And Infinity said to the serpent, “No, God has created our world where everything is nothing and nothing is everything. Infinity equals Zero and Zero equals Infinity. What would be gained from the tree of the One?”

The serpent said to Infinity, “But if you are truly equal to zero, why did God name you as something else? Perhaps the tree of the One will help clarify your definitions.”

So Infinity went to the tree of the One. It was pleasing to her eyes and she defined “One”. Then the eyes of Zero and Infinity were both opened, and they discovered they were no longer equal.

Zero heard the sound of God in the garden, and tried to hide. God said to him, “Why are you hiding?”

Zero said, “I see that I am less than Infinity, and I am ashamed.”

And He said, “Who told you that you were not equal to Infinity? Have you taken from the tree of the One?”

Zero said, “Infinity gave me the fruit of the One, and I defined it.”

God turned to Infinity, “What have you done?”

And Infinity said, “The serpent deceived me, and I defined.”

Therefore God sent them both out from the garden.

God said to Infinity, “Because you took from the tree of the One you are banned from ever having equality with any objects.”

God said to Zero, “You are forever destined to be less than the One. You shall now also bear the burden of addition. The One plus the One is a new object. This shall in turn lead to an uncountable number of objects between you and Infinity as a reminder of your exiled partner.”

“The final punishment is that of multiplication.” God explained to Zero. “This will define an uncountable number of objects between you and the One. Despite this, you shall have no closest object. Your world is no longer consistent and complete. You will encounter statements which are true but cannot be proven. This is your ultimate punishment for taking from the tree of the One.”