Play Time

I’m not sure exactly how I got into this, but tonight I started reading rumors and speculations on the PlayStation 4.  Since the original PlayStation came on the scene back in 1994, Sony has consistently developed a new system every six years.  This would put the PS4 on the market in 2012.

My take (based on my own imagination more than anything else) is that the PS4 will be released just in time for Sony to introduce the successor to the Blu-Ray movie format.  It will be the exact same size as DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, and it will be called  “This is literally the exact same disc we send to the movie theaters.”  Their marketing department might come up with a different name, but the concept will be the same.  In addition to the best possible sound and video resolution, the PS4 will allow, in real time, the characters in the movie to be controlled through various console control devices as a bonus feature for all the nerds out there who need to recreate the Sarlacc Pit sequence in “Return of the Jedi.”  “No, I get to be be Princess Leia.”  “But I’m tired of being Jabba the Hut all the time!”  “You don’t have the body for that space-aged bikini, and we both know it.”  “I hate you! MOM! MOM!  This isn’t fair!”

But I digress– you heard it here first, for whatever that is worth.